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Table 2 Blood utilization indices among pediatric surgical patients in the Philippine Children’s Medical Center

From: Use of Maximum Surgical Order Schedule (MSBOS) among pediatric patients to optimize blood utilization

ProcedureNumber of unitsNumber of patientsC/T ratio%TTIMSBOS
Major abdominal surgery13279127741.6758.30.620.93
Major thoracic surgery543145291.7464.40.691.03
Surgery for abdominal wall defects432842271.564.30.630.94
Head and neck surgery2762464.5*
Colorectal Surgery21666207533.27*25.60.320.48
Surgery for Solid tumors1376793622.04*66.70.721.08
Ostomy creation and closure of ostomy23560229583.92*
Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery502542222.052.30.590.89
Surgery for genitourinary abnormalities551747173.24*36.20.360.54
  1. *C/T ratio of more than 2.0 indicates unnecessary blood ordering