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Table 2 Losanoff–Basson classification of Amyand’s hernia (AH) and their management [28]

From: Management of Amyand’s hernia in children: should appendectomy be mandatory or not?

Types of AHFeaturesSurgical management
Type 1Normal appendix within the inguinal herniaReduction of appendix or appendicectomy and mesh hernioplasty
Type 2Acute appendicitis with no abdominal sepsisAppendicectomy through the hernia and sutured hernioplasty
Type 3Acute appendicitis with abdominal sepsisAppendicectomy through laparotomy with sutured hernioplasty
Type 4Acute appendicitis associated with related or unrelated abdominal pathologyAppendicectomy through hernia or laparotomy plus diagnostic workup