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Table 2 Ultrasonography findings in patinets with appendicitis in regards to perforation status of the appendix

From: Ultrasonography in diagnosis of appendicitis and its complications in pediatric patients: a cross-sectional study

Observed radiological findings 
Mean appendix diameterWith perforationWithout perforation
Appendicoliths8 (42.1%)5 (16.7%)
Disruption of sub-mucosal membrane11 (57.9%)5 (16.7%)
Free fluid7 (36.8%)9 (30.0%)
Secondary signsIncreased echogenicity In peri-appendicular fat12 (63.2)26 (86.7%)
Lymphadenopathy4 (21.1%)3 (10.0%)
Fluid collection11 (57.9%)1 (3.3%)
Local dilation of intestinal loops3 (15.8%)2 (6.7%)