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Table 1 Reviewed cases of female anorectal malformations

From: Perineal canal repair using modified Tsuchida’s technique

Case no.AgePresentationAssociated anomalyOutcome
1.2 monthsLabial abscessNoneGood
2.20 daysLabial abscessNoneGood
3.4 monthsMultiple subcutaneous abscesses along with a labial abscessPrimary immunodeficiency syndromeExpired due to severe sepsis owing to underlying immunodeficiency
4.7 yearsAno vestibular fistulaNoneGood
5.2 monthsAnolabial fistulaASD (right malrotated kidney)Good
6.3 monthsAnolabial fistulaNoneGood
7.7 yearsAnolabial fistulaNoneRecurrence of fistula-colostomy, redo repair, closure of colostomy
  1. ASD atrial septal defect