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Table 10 Correlation of the developmental defect with resultant abnormality and possible clinical consequence

From: The posterior urethral valves revisited: embryological correlation, clinical classification, and risk stratification of the spectrum

Embryological/developmental defect Resultant abnormality Clinical consequence
Abnormal insertion and migration of the orifice of the mesonephric duct Posterior urethral valve Obstructive uropathy
Abnormal development and absorption of the ‘Common excretory duct’ Defective development of the ipsilateral hemitrigone Abnormal “uretero-trigonal” mechanism with a neuromuscular defect and abnormal vesicoureteric junction (VUJ)
Abnormality in the position of the ureteral bud and its development from the mesonephric duct Defect in the entire collecting system, from the ureter to collecting tubules VUR and reflux nephropthy; ureteric obstruction; hydroureteronephrosis; megaureter
Abnormal induction of the metanephric blastema by the ureteral bud Maldevelopment of the kidney Inherent renal dysplasia