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Table 1 Showing the summary of cases of perforated gastric duplications cyst found on literature search

From: Complicated gastric duplication cyst presenting as cystic intraperitoneal collection: a case report

Study Age/sex Presentation Site/communication# Findings/procedure Pancreatic tissue^ Outcome Follow-up
Kayastha et al. 2010 [1] 1.5 years/M Fever, abdominal pain, and distension for 2 days Greater curvature/NC Perforated gastric duplication with peritonitis/partial cyst excision and mucosal stripping of common wall No Survived 6 months
Surridge et al. 2014 [2] 13 months/NM Bleeding per-rectum, anemia, malnutrition NM/NC Perforated gastric duplication cyst eroding the right lobe of liver and hepatic flexure of the colon/excision with colectomy Yes Survived NM
Faerber et al. 1993 [3] 2 years/F Recurrent abdominal pain, anemia, and hemoptysis NM/NC Perforated gastric duplication having fistula with lower lobe of left lung/left lower lobectomy, excision of the cyst, splenectomy, and distal pancreatectomy Yes Survived NM
Tatekawa et al. 2008 [4] 2.5 years/M Abdominal pain and vomiting Isolated GDC/NC Isolated gastric duplication perforated to form an omental pseudocyst. Both cysts were communicating with each other/excision No Survived NM
Zhang et al. 2017 [5] 7 days/F Signs of intestinal obstruction and peritonitis Greater curvature Collection of purulent and brownish fluid in peritoneal cavity, and perforated gastric duplication cyst/excision of the duplication cyst with partial gastrectomy No Survived 2 months
Zhang et al. 2017 [5] 9 months/F Melena for 3 days Greater curvature The cyst had a fistulous communication with transverse colon/partial gastrectomy, cyst excision, and localized transverse colon excision No Survived 3 years
Ratan et al. 2002 [17] 5 days/M Irritability and abdominal distension for 3 days Greater curvature/C Due to birth trauma and resuscitation, both the stomach and GDC were lacerated/gastrocystostomy No Expired NM
Rao et al. 2003 [18] 8 months/M Refusal of feedings, irritability, and excessive crying of 1 week, and massive bleeding per rectum for 3 days Isolated intrapancreatic/NC The isolated GDC had fistulous communication with jejunum secondary to the GDC ulcer perforation into the jejunum/excision with pancreatectomy of tail and body, splenectomy, and resection of jejunal portion No Survived 4 years
Cloutier R 1973 [16] 16 months/M Intermittent vomiting, bulge in epigastrium Greater curvature/NC The GDC perforated into the pancreas forming a pseudocyst of the pancreas/mucosal stripping of GDC, and partial cystectomy and drainage for pseudocyst NM Survived NM
Marugami et al. 2010 [19] 9 months/F Progressive vomiting and diarrhea Multiple along antrum/NC Total of 4 GDC, 2 were perforated/cyst excision Yes in perforated cysts NM NM
Koumanidou et al. 1999 [20] 11 months/F Vomiting, abdominal pain, and fever for 2 days Multiple along antrum and pylorus/NC Two GDCs, one was perforated/excision Yes in perforated cyst Survived NM
Belhassen et al. 2019 [21] 3 months/F Case of anorectal malformation, cyst identified during workup of associated anomalies Greater curvature/NC Cyst along greater curvature with a small perforation clogged by omentum/excision with repair of seromuscular gastric defect No Survived 1 year
Sieunarine et al. 1989 [22] 5 years/M Acute abdomen after abdominal blunt trauma Antrum and pylorus/NC GDC appeared leaked due to trauma/excision No Survived NM
Kesieme et al. 2012 [10] 2.5 years/F Massive bleeding PR, enterocutaneous fistula Greater curvature/NC GDC perforated to open into the descending colon which further erodes the spleen and form colo-cutaneous fistula with the anterior chest wall/excision, and divided colostomy Yes in the tract Survived NM
da Costa et al. 1993 [11] 5 months/F Massive bleeding PR Greater curvature/NC GDC perforated to the transverse colon/Excision Yes Survived NM
Mahnovski et al. 1998 [12] 11 months/F Massive bleeding PR Greater curvature/NC GDC has fistula with transverse colon/partial gastrectomy and cystectomy with localized colectomy No Survived NM
Sieber et al. 1972 [13] 10 months Chest infections, GIT bleeding Greater curvature/NC GDC perforated through spleen and diaphragm to the left lower lobe of lung/left lower lobectomy, splenectomy, and cystectomy NM NM NM
Kleinhaus et al. 1981 [14] 5 weeks/F Vomiting diarrhea, progressive abdominal distension Greater curvature/NC GDC was perforated with intraperitoneal hemorrhage/cyst excision No Survived NM
Menon et al. 2004 [15] 2 years/M Vague abdominal pain, cough, hemoptysis Greater curvature/NC GDC was forming fistula through diaphragm to the left lung/cyst and tract excision No Survived 1 year
Bonacci et al. 2008 [7] 8 months/M Irritability, recurrent hematemesis, and failure to thrive Greater curvature/NC GDC perforated to anterior abdominal wall/excision Yes Survived 1 month
Shinnick et al. 2018 [8] 8 weeks/M Failure to thrive 4 GDCs along greater curvature and pylorus/one was communicating 4 GDC, 1 esophageal, and 3 along the stomach. The one along pylorus was perforated /excision with closure of gastric communication NN Survived NM
Berri et al. 2020 [9] 35 years/M Progressive abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss Posterior antrum/NC GDC perforated to the transverse colon/cystectomy and colectomy No Survived 3 months
  1. ^Pancreatic tissue in the cyst on histopathology
  2. #Site of origin from the stomach and status of communication with the gastric lumen
  3. NM not mentioned, GDC gastric duplication cyst, PR per rectum, NC non communicating