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Table 1 Indications for reoperation in both study groups

From: Anatomical derangements after failed PSARP: correlating MRI and operative findings

Complications after primary repair Group A (14 cases) Group B (13 cases)
Anal retraction 2 1
Anal retraction + posterior misplacement 3 2
Anal retraction + persistent rectourethral fistula 2  
Rectal prolapse 4 2
Rectal prolapse + posterior misplacement 1 1
Posterior misplacement of neo-anus 2 1
Persistent rectourethral fistula (urine passing through anus during micturition)   2
Faecal incontinence   4
  1. Group A, those who were referred before colostomy closure with an obviously complicated primary operation; Group B, those who were referred with delayed complications after colostomy closure