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  1. Surgical operation and anaesthesia induction are fearful events which may interfere with the smooth conduct of anaesthesia and postoperative recovery in children. Indeed, the fear of needles, syringes and unkn...

    Authors: Ademola Olusegun Talabi, Oludayo Adedapo Sowande, Kolawole Samuel Mosaku, Afolabi Muyiwa Owojuyigbe, Lukmon Olusesan Amosu and Olusanya Adejuyigbe
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:37
  2. Viral infection into lung, muscular, and endothelial cells results in inflammatory response, including edema, degeneration, and necrotic alterations. The involvement of the major arteries in adolescent with CO...

    Authors: Mariana Orate Menezes da Silva, Henrique Amorim Santos, Amanda Fernandes Vidal da Silva, Guilherme Marum and Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:57
  3. First branchial cleft fistula is a rare malformation of the neck and head. The purpose of this report is to showcase a method of treating first brachial cleft fistula while preserving the facial nerve.

    Authors: Razan Bawazir, Abdullah Bawazir and Osama Bawazir
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:50
  4. Uterovaginal prolapse occurs when damaged connective tissues allow the uterus to drop into the vagina. Rare in children, uterovaginal prolapse can occur as a result of violent sexual assault. This case is bein...

    Authors: Odion-Obomhense Kesiena Helen, Ntaji Maureen Iru, Ekpebe Patrick Akpofure and Afeyodion Akhator
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:48
  5. Pseudotail with occult spinal dysraphism with neurological deficit is a rare phenomenon. Ignoring pseudotail as sign of occult spinal dysraphism may lead to catastrophe in diagnosis and further management.

    Authors: Ram Jeewan Singh, Md Mokarram Ali, Amit Kumar, Rashi Rashi, Amit Kumar Sinha and Bindey Kumar
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:33
  6. Intussusception is the telescoping of a proximal segment of the bowel into a distal segment. It can be idiopathic or pathological. Children commonly present with colicky abdominal pain, vomiting, a palpable ab...

    Authors: Shung Ken Tan, Chee Wei Tan, Junaidah Hassan, Mohan Arunasalam Nallusamy, Jian An Boo and Pavitratha Puspanathan
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:35
  7. Pediatric neck masses are a common complaint in children. The most common etiologies include congenital lesions, lymphadenopathy, vascular malformations, inflammatory, and malignant lesions. Spontaneous sterno...

    Authors: Monia Ghammam, Lobna Chouchane, Jihene Houas, Mouna Bellakhdher, Heyfa Bel Hadj Miled, Wassim Kermani, Abir Meherzi and Mohamed Abdelkafi
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:36
  8. Since the length of the affected colon widely varies, the preoperative management of Hirschsprung’s disease varies from one hospital to another. For our cases in which the length of the aganglionic colon canno...

    Authors: Tsuyoshi Sakurai, Megumi Nakamura and Naobumi Endo
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:49
  9. Ganglioneuroma (GN) is an uncommon tumor belonging to the neuroblastic tumors group and is often localized in the posterior mediastinum, retroperitoneum, and adrenal gland. Presacral (PS) location is extremely...

    Authors: Saloua Ammar, Taycir Cheikhrouhou, Mohamed Jallouli, Rahma Chtourou, Sahla Sellami, Hayet Zitouni and Riadh Mhiri
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:34
  10. Segmental dilatation of the intestine (SDI) though uncommon is a well-known entity and more than 150 cases of SDI are reported in the literature. The presentation and association of SDI are well described; how...

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Mahalik, Susama Patra, Bikasha Bihary Tripathy, Akash Bihari Pati, Manoj Kumar Mohanty and Subash Chandra Samal
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:38
  11. Intestinal lipomas are benign, non-epithelial, intestinal tumors with an exceptionally rare localization at the ileum. Lipomas in the small intestine occur mainly in elderly patients and seldom occur in childh...

    Authors: Taycir Cheikhrouhou, Mahdi Ben Dhaw, Mohamed Zouari, Hayet Zitouni, Rim Kallel, Naourez Gouiaa, Tahya Sellami Boudawara and Riadh Mhiri
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:47
  12. Adolescent obesity is an important health issue. Non-surgical weight management programs, even the most aggressive, have shown modest weight reduction results. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is gaining ...

    Authors: Mohamed El ghazeery, Mohamed Elsawaf, Mohamed Ashour, Mohamed Metwaly and Mohamed Hashish
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:32
  13. Primary iliopsoas abscess is extremely rare in neonates and overlooked easily. It is potentially curable with surgical drainage and broad-spectrum antibiotics if diagnosed early.

    Authors: Sampurna Ray, Pranab Kumar Dey, Pankaj Halder and Arindam Ghosh
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:30
  14. Urinary bladder masses are uncommon in the pediatric age group and pose a diagnostic challenge, often necessitating histopathological differentiation and confirmation. An unusual mimic of neoplastic bladder ma...

    Authors: Aakanksha Agarwal, Poonam Sherwani, Saurya, Niladri Sekhar Bhunia and Dipesh Kumar Dhoot
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:27
  15. Submucous cleft palate (SMCP) is a congenital abnormality with various clinical and anatomical features. Submucous cleft pathologies may be unrecognized during routine examinations. Current diagnostic techniqu...

    Authors: Yasir S. Jamal, Sabah S. Moshref, Abeer M. Baamir, Mazin O. Kurdi and Doaa Y. Jamal
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:25
  16. Controversy exists regarding the appropriate level of sympathectomy for primary palmar hyperhidrosis (PH) as different levels are associated with variable postoperative patients’ satisfaction and potential com...

    Authors: Ismael Essam Elhalaby, Mohamed Awad Mansour, Ahmed Mohamed Ismail Tawfik and Hisham Fayad Aly
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:26
  17. Heterotaxy syndrome is a rare clinical entity that is characterized by abnormal visceral organ arrangement in the chest and abdomen. Left atrial isomerism is a subcategory of heterotaxy syndrome characterized ...

    Authors: Faysal Tabbara, Karim Wehby Ataya, Youssef Annous, Kawsar Alamiddine and Ahmad Zaghal
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:21
  18. Recently, several serum and urinary biomarkers have been investigated for diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Urinary biomarkers seem to be advantageous in children as it is non-invasive, painless, and easy to pe...

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Mahalik, Debapriya Bandyopadhyay, Bikasha Bihary Tripathy, Akash Bihari Pati and Manoj Kumar Mohanty
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:22
  19. Lipoblastoma is a rare benign neoplasm of the adipose tissue occurring most commonly in infants and young children. This tumor can present as a localized, well-circumscribed lesion (lipoblastoma) or as a multi...

    Authors: Adewale Olaotan Oyinloye, Nasiru Raheem, Aminu M. C. Dahiru, Christopher Uruku Rikin and Auwal Mohammed Abubakar
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:23
  20. Appendicitis is the most common cause of acute abdomen. Although emergency surgery used to be the standard treatment for both simple and complex appendicitis, there are now options for interval surgery, laparo...

    Authors: Toshiro Kimura, Yoshikazu Toyoki, Aika Ichisawa, Takahiro Yamada, Yusuke Wakasa, Hiroyuki Jin, Makoto Nakai, Kazunori Aoki, Hiroaki Kawashima and Masaaki Endo
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:18
  21. Teratoma of the hepatoduodenal ligament is a rare entity. Only 17 cases of hepatoduodenal ligament teratoma exist in the literature.

    Authors: Ruchira Nandan, Anjan Dhua, Sidharth Tyagi, Vishesh Jain, Sandeep Agarwala and Veereshwar Bhatnagar
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:19
  22. Retroperitoneal germ cell tumors (GCTs) are rare, commonly large tumors, often diagnosed in infancy. Complete surgical resection may pose a serious challenge as encasement of major vessels and organ displaceme...

    Authors: Juliette F. Bollemeijer, Annelies M. C. Mavinkurve-Groothuis, Cezanne D. Kooij, József Zsiros, Annemieke S. Littooij, Alida F. W. van der Steeg, Marc H. W. A. Wijnen and Caroline C. C. Hulsker
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:20
  23. Pediatric pyeloplasty in ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO) is indicated in renal impaired drainage or renal function deterioration. The improvement of renal function after pediatric pyeloplasty is stil...

    Authors: Elsayed Salih, Ibrahim Abdelmaksoud, Mohamed Elfeky, Gamal Selmy, Hussein Galal and Mohsen Zekry
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:17
  24. Neonatal gastric perforation (NGP) is a rare, serious, and life-threatening condition which needs early recognition with prompt intervention for better prognosis. Its etiology is not yet well established, but ...

    Authors: Imran Hashim, Nabila Talat, Asif Iqbal, Muhammad Saleem Choudhary, Naveed Haider, Sajid Iqbal Nayyer, Muhammad Sharif, Arslan Raza Wasti and Sarfraz Ahmad
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:13
  25. The urachus is an embryological structure of the urogenital sinus and allantoid that connects the allantois to the early bladder in fetal life and then remains as the median umbilical ligament connecting the u...

    Authors: Salvatore Arena, Marta Rossanese, Donatella Di Fabrizio, Carmelo Romeo, Vincenzo Ficarra and Pietro Impellizzeri
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:11
  26. Duodenal duplication cyst is an uncommon foregut malformation usually diagnosed at birth or during infancy. Differently from elsewhere, sited small bowel duplications cannot be removed with simple bowel resect...

    Authors: Diego Falchetti, Antonio Dessanti, Marcella Falchetti and Gianpaolo Strusi
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:12
  27. Acute appendicitis is the most common surgical condition of children. Differential diagnosis of an acutely inflamed appendix in children includes a vast variety of diseases which can present with the same symp...

    Authors: Muhammad Adil Iftikhar, Sajid Hameed Dar, Usman Ali Rahman, Maliha Javaid Butt, Mohammad Sajjad, Umar Hayat and Nayyar Sultan
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:10
  28. Gastric duplication cyst is a rare congenital anomaly. It is usually located in close proximity to the stomach. Nevertheless, there have been seldom reports in the literature that describe unusual locations. R...

    Authors: Mahmood Masud Al Awfi, Zainab Nasser Al Balushi, Suad Rashid Al Jahdhami, Mahmoud Hatem Sherif and Sareyah Al Sibai
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:14
  29. Circumcision is a surgical removal process of the preputium. Surgical excision and electric current cause neurodegeneration in the excised tissue-related neural network. This study investigates if circumcision...

    Authors: Ozgur Caglar, Remzi Arslan, Binali Firinci, Muhammed Enes Aydin, Erdem Karadeniz, Kemal Alp Nalci, Ahmet Bedii Salman and Mehmet Dumlu Aydin
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:15
  30. Intussusception is the one of the commonest causes of intestinal obstruction requiring urgent attention in early childhood. There is no gold standard of non-operative reduction. We report our 6 years’ experien...

    Authors: Karunesh Chand, Ravi Patcharu, Badal Parikh and Arun Kumar Yadav
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:9
  31. Prenatal penetrating gunshot trauma represents a challenging scenario for healthcare providers. Trauma is the leading non-obstetric cause of morbidity and mortality during pregnancy, and even though rare, fire...

    Authors: Camila Gonzalez Ruhrnschopf, Aixa Reusmann, Mariano Boglione, Soledad Arbio and Marcelo Barrenechea
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:6
  32. The diagnosis of acute appendicitis in children is quite challenging as the rate of negative appendectomy varies between 15 and 57%. Increased utilization of imaging diagnostic facilities in advanced countries...

    Authors: Ademola Olusegun Talabi, Tewogbade Adeoye Adedeji, Oludayo Adedapo Sowande and Olusanya Adejuyigbe
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:8
  33. Gastric outlet obstruction (GOO) may follow acid corrosive ingestion. Several surgical techniques have been reported after the failure of endoscopic dilatation. The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasib...

    Authors: Essam A. Elhalaby, Nezar Abd Erouf Abo Halawa, Ismael E. Elhalaby, Dina Shawky, Hussam Hassan and Hisham A. Almetaher
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:16
  34. Scrotoschisis is a rare anomaly in which the testis is lying outside scrotum congenitally. Only few cases have been reported in literature under different names most of which are unilateral. We have found only...

    Authors: Shazia Perveen, Mishraz Shaikh and Sajid Ali
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:5
  35. Pediatric patients rarely exhibit Baker’s cysts. This study was conducted on 15 cases (9 males, 6 females) presented with Baker (popliteal) cyst in the last 2 years (from September 2017 to September 2019). The...

    Authors: Mohammed A. Mansour, Mohammed A. Shehata, Mohammed M. Shalaby, Mohammed A. Arafa and Hisham A. Almetaher
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:4
  36. Acute appendicitis is one of the most common abdominal emergencies in children. Complicated appendicitis is much more common in pediatric age group than in adults due to probability of delay in diagnosis or mi...

    Authors: Mohammad Seqsaqa, Ahmed Ezzat Rozeik, Mohammed Khalifa and Hazem Nour Abdellatif Ashri
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:3
  37. To explore the association between patent urachus and bladder outflow obstruction (BOO). A retrospective review of patient records over a 35-year period (1983–2018) with complete patent urachus was performed. ...

    Authors: Heba Taher, Sharmila Ramnarine, Naima Smeulders, Divyesh Desai, Imran Mushtaq, Peter Cuckow and Abraham Cherian
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:2
  38. Infectious diseases have always been the lime light of global health with very little focus on childhood surgical conditions despite the fact that children constitute about half of the population in LMICs. A s...

    Authors: Maame Tekyiwa Botchway, Deirdre Kruger, Charles Adjei Manful and Andrew Grieve
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 16:44
  39. Laryngotracheal stenosis is a major cause of airway obstruction in pediatric age. The correction of such abnormality still remains a challenge, both because of anatomical issues in childhood and also due to th...

    Authors: Melissa Ameloti Gomes Avelino, Laís da Silveira Botacin and Miguel Angel Corrales Coutinho
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2021 17:1
  40. Ganglioneuroma is a rare neurogenic tumor which could grow into massive size in the thorax with minimal or no symptoms. Resection of these tumors will be challenging in view of large size and vascular encaseme...

    Authors: Mathula Hettiarachchi, Chanuka Dharmadasa, Ashoka Wijeyananda, Kapila Hettiarachchi and Bandula Samarasinghe
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2020 16:54
  41. Epithelioid hemangioma is a rare, benign vascular lesion classically presenting with painless nodules in the head and neck region. Hemangioma lesions are typically small, located within the dermis and subcutan...

    Authors: Claire J. Wiggins, Rami P. Dibbs, Erica L. Bartlett, Daniel J. Ashton and Renata S. Maricevich
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2020 16:53
  42. Post-omphalocele ventral hernias (POVH) are common after giant omphaloceles. Abdominal wall botulinum toxin injections (BTI) are useful to treat complex incisional hernias (CIH) in adults, which may also apply...

    Authors: Lisieux Eyer de Jesus, Thais Cardoso Leve, Celine Fulgencio and Samuel Dekermacher
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2020 16:56
  43. Feeding gastrostomy is widely used in children that have troubles of swallowing and need to stablish enteral feeding. There are several methods for creation of that stoma. After the children gain their normal ...

    Authors: Mohammad Gharieb Khirallah and Nasir Bustangi
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2020 16:47

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