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  1. Y-type urethral duplication is a term frequently used to describe a rare condition in the male associated with double urinary stream: a weak interrupted urinary stream through a hypoplastic penile urethra, whi...

    Authors: Amr Abdelhamid AbouZeid and Shaimaa Abdelsattar Mohammad
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:21
  2. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) disrupted the delivery of elective surgery in children. We introduced guidance to mitigate this impact. By reviewing the outcomes for inguinal herniotomies, we aimed to ...

    Authors: Mahmoud Marei Marei, Ahmed Sobhy Hassan, Mohamed Kamel, Aiden Moore and Olugbenga Michael Aworanti
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:20
  3. Improved survival of neonates with esophageal atresia with/without tracheoesophageal fistula (EA/TEF) has resulted in increased prevalence of gastro-esophageal and respiratory-related morbidities. However, lon...

    Authors: Jayne Chiang, Te-Lu Yap, Shaista Arif, Candy S. C. Choo, A. K. Pugalenthi, Biju Thomas, Anette S. Jacobsen and Lin Yin Ong
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:19
  4. Splenectomy is an established therapeutic intervention for benign haematological disorders (BHD) in children. Laparoscopic splenectomy (LS) has become accepted as the preferred alternative to the open procedur...

    Authors: Mahmoud Mohamed Eid, Khalid Mohammad Elshimy, Akram Mohamed Elbatarny and Mohamed Fathy Metwally
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:18
  5. The most common inflammatory gastrointestinal disorder in newborn infants is necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Despite the multifactorial etiology of NEC, its pathogenesis is the same regardless of the etiology...

    Authors: Tülin Öztaş, Salim Bilici and Nilüfer Matur Okur
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:16
  6. Idiopathic pediatric artery aneurysm is extremely rare and sometimes behaves like a pelvic neoplasm. As it is associated with a high mortality while ruptured, the accurate diagnosis is indispensable to avoid l...

    Authors: Thipsumon Tangsiwong and Tipsuda Tangsriwong
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:14
  7. Retroperitoneal undifferentiated sarcomas are rare, highly aggressive mesenchymal tumors with limited available treatment options. Surgical resection ± chemoradiation remains standard of care. However, in uniq...

    Authors: Martha E. Teke, Jillian C. Jacobson, Kevin Mutore and Joseph T. Murphy
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:12
  8. Invasive aspergillosis (IA) is one of the rarest opportunistic fungal infections and has increased in frequency worldwide in recent years. It is a life-threatening infection associated with high mortality rate...

    Authors: Soumia Nachate, Mouad El Mouhtadi, Yousra Zouine, Mohamed Amine Haouane, Mohamed Amine Azami, Mohamed Oulad Saiad, Dounia Basraoui, Hicham Jalal, Houda Nassih, Rabiy Elqadiry, Aicha Bourrahouat, Imane Ait Sab and Awatif El Hakkouni
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:13
  9. Polyorchidism is a rare genetic anomaly characterized by the patient having more than two testicles. In the literature, only around two hundred cases have been reported. We present an unusual new case which do...

    Authors: Wissam Jamal Al Tamr, Kareem Omran, Rajebhosale Prashan and Agraw al Pooja
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:11
  10. Sex cord and stromal tumors are a heterogeneous group of tumors that arise from gonadal sex cord cells, gonadal stromal cells, or both. They are divided into pure stromal tumors, pure sex cord tumors, and mixe...

    Authors: Amar Shah, Abdelilah Lahmar, Elina Momin, Shabbir Momin and Anirudh Shah
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:10
  11. Congenital anterior urethral diverticulum (CAUD) is a rare condition in children. This condition can present at any age; however, it is more commonly identified in infants and older children. The patient may p...

    Authors: Rajat Piplani, Samir K. Acharya and Deepak Bagga
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:9
  12. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a common condition in children. Complete fundoplication provides better reflux control but it results in more dysphagia and gas-bloat symptoms. Antireflux surgery with...

    Authors: Mostafa Ahmed Gad, Mohamad Mahmoud Qinawy, Osama Abdelazim, Sherif Nabhan Kaddah, Mohamed Magdy Elbarbary and Mahmoud Asem Elfiky
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:8
  13. Tracheostomy procedures are used to establish a surgical airway in patients when non-invasive methods fail to offer adequate support. In pediatric patients, this procedure is relatively rare, and data on patie...

    Authors: Jeffrey Schemm, David O’Neil Danis III, Daniel Howard, Erika Rodriguez, Kaylin Dong, Sherwin Fazelpour and Jessica R. Levi
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:7
  14. Neonatal tumors account for a minority of prepubertal testicular tumors. Similarly, testicular torsion in the neonate within the intrauterine or postnatal period is a rare event with an estimated incidence of ...

    Authors: Ioana Fugaru, Joseph Moryousef, Van-Hung Nguyen and Mohamed El-Sherbiny
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:4
  15. The COVID-19 pandemic period suggests that the rate of complications may have increased in patients requiring surgical treatment due to the fact that they could not come to the hospital at the onset of the sym...

    Authors: Tülin Öztaş, Salim Bilici and Ahmet Dursun
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:3
  16. Transanal endorectal pull-through (TEPT) surgery is a new trend in the treatment of Hirschsprung disease, and evaluating its functional outcome is difficult. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the defeca...

    Authors: Hamidreza Foroutan, Farhad Homapour, Mohsen Dehghani, Hamid Reza Niazkar, Hoda Sufi and Behdad Zibaee
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:6
  17. Few studies have evaluated the efficacy of short-term medical missions. This study was aimed to evaluate complication rates and determine the effects of protocol changes in a pediatric inguinal hernia campaign...

    Authors: Jaime Rodríguez de Alarcón García, Amalia Úbeda Pascual, María Fanjul Gómez, Pablo Morató Robert, Rocío Espinosa Góngora, Ernesto Martínez García, Carlos Román Guerrero, Santiago Jaime Abaga Abaga and Carmen Soto Beauregard
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:5
  18. Persistent urogenital sinus is a rare cloacal anomaly in which the urinary and genital tracts cannot be differentiated during embryonic development. However, the presence of concomitant recto-urogenital sinus ...

    Authors: Hikmet Zeytun, Ahmet Demez and Bulent Hayri Ozokutan
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:2
  19. The incidence of inguinal hernia in the pediatric population is 0.8–4.4% with a male to female ratio of 5:1.The reported incidence of sliding hernia containing an ovary in female infants and children is 15–20%...

    Authors: Mrinal Arora, Noor Ullah Zargar and Anurag Krishna
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 19:1
  20. Nissen's description of fundoplication has proven seminal in our understanding of anti-GERD surgeries. This survey aimed to ascertain the perceptions of, and changes to, the Nissen's wrap design among the IPEG...

    Authors: Hamed M. Seleim, Basma Magdy and Amel Hashish
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2023 18:93
  21. The outcome and survival of children with both benign and malignant liver tumours, over a 47-year period was recorded at The National Paediatric Cancer Centre, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital (OLCHC), Crumlin. ...

    Authors: Hind Zaidan, Hanan Said, Alan Mortell, Abdulrahman AlShafei, Finn Breatnach, Nigel Heaton and Martin T. Corbally
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:89
  22. Despite complete resection of mature ovarian teratoma, there remains a risk of metachronous contralateral disease with implications for further surgery and fertility. Current estimates of this risk are wide an...

    Authors: Tom Malik, Sahan Samaraweera, Charles Keys, Robert Wheeler, Juliet Gray and Nigel J. Hall
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:88
  23. The optimal strategy for the management of patients with severe symptomatic abdominal lymphatic malformation (ALM) complicated by abscess formation, protein-losing gastroenteropathy, and bleeding has not yet b...

    Authors: Hitoshi Ono, Shohei Honda, Hisayuki Miyagi, Masashi Minato, Momoko Ara, Takafumi Kondo, Kazuyoshi Okumura, Tadao Okada and Akinobu Taketomi
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:92
  24. Deflux®, a dextranomer/hyaluronic acid copolymer, is extensively used as an endoscopic bulking agent for management of vesicoureteric reflux (VUR). The complications following Deflux® treatment as described in...

    Authors: Saket Davera, Anjan Dhua, Shipra Agarwal and Mohamed Sulaiman
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:90
  25. Retrovesical cysts present with varying etiologies. We initiated this study to provide insights into retrovesical cysts in boys through a case series and systematic literature review and to aid in treatment al...

    Authors: Niklas Pakkasjärvi, Tiia Mönttinen, Lasse Hokkinen, Eija Mäkelä and Seppo Taskinen
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:87
  26. Various techniques are described to manage the rectourethral fistula during laparoscopic repair of anorectal malformation (LAARP). The fistula can be ligated with sutures, clips, staplers, or simply divided fl...

    Authors: Zahra Al Matar, Sabreen Maqbool, Habib Zakaria and Ali Alassiri
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:86
  27. Catheter-related right atrial thrombosis (CRAT) is an under-studied complication of a long-term implantable venous access devices (IVAD), particularly in children with incidence rates extrapolated from the adu...

    Authors: Hasan Nassereldine, Adel Hajj-Ali, Joelle Hassanieh, Dima Hamideh, Rola F. Jaafar, Samir Akel and Ahmad Zaghal
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:85
  28. The aim of our study was to evaluate long-term patient satisfaction and quality-of-life improvement in grown-up patients treated for pectus excavatum with the Nuss procedure in the pediatric age, searching for...

    Authors: Neil Di Salvo, Giovanni Ruggeri, Eduje Thomas, Giovanni Parente, Marco Di Mitri and Mario Lima
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:84
  29. Sacrococcygeal teratoma is a rare tumour, usually presenting in the neonatal period. The benign nature of most tumours and the high survival rates would emphasise on the importance of both cosmetic and functio...

    Authors: Amr Abdelhamid AbouZeid, Ahmed Bassiouny Radwan, Mostafa Mohamed Elghandour, Nader Nassef Guirguis and Mohamed Ali Bersy
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:83
  30. Simple hepatic cyst is a rare disease in childhood. They occur in the general population with a prevalence of up to 5%. The incidence and size of cysts increase dramatically in adults older than 50 years. We p...

    Authors: José Otávio Guedes Junqueira, João Henrique Sendrete de Pinho, Thaís Bandeira de Oliveira Junqueira, Bruna Bandeira de Oliveira Junqueira, Fernando Mendonça Vidigal, Maria Cristina Vasconcelos Furtado and Gláucio Silva de Souza
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:81
  31. Surgery is a risk factor for opioid initiation, persistent use, and subsequent misuse in pediatric patients. The objective of this study was to assess the rate of postoperative opioid prescribing and extent of...

    Authors: Anjali A. Dixit, Nhi Ho, Christina Inglis-Arkell, Catherine L. Chen, Marla Ferschl and Solmaz P. Manuel
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:80
  32. Globally, 10% of neonatal mortality in low-/middle-income countries (L/MIC) is directly attributed to surgical conditions, and appropriate referral and transport of newborns to tertiary-level hospitals for sur...

    Authors: Peter Saula, Gideon Kikuvi, Yeri Kombe and Irene Marete
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:79
  33. This is a retrospective comparative study that aimed to compare the short-term and intermediate-term outcomes of the one-stage and three-stage repair in the treatment of female neonates with a recto-vestibular...

    Authors: Mostafa Gad, Mohamed Ashraf Farghaly, Khaled S. Abdullateef, Osama Abdelazim, Mahmoud M. A. Elfiky, Ayman Hussien A. Sattar, Sherif Nabhan Kaddah and Moutaz Ragab
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:78
  34. The COVID-19 pandemic is highly infectious and prompted, amongst other changes, strict social distancing requirements for medical practitioners in Western Australia. Despite significant previous research into ...

    Authors: David Cruise, Haydn Cruise, Michael Collin and Parshotam Gera
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:76
  35. Intussusception is commonly idiopathic in children. Pathologic lead points (PLP) especially intestinal tumors (IT) are extremely rare. The diagnosis of intussusception secondary to pediatric IT is difficult du...

    Authors: Taycir Cheikhrouhou, Rahma Chtourou, Mahdi Ben Dhaou, Manel Mallouli, Najoua Benkraiem, Rim Kallel, Saloua Ammar, Hayet Zitouni, Tahya Sellami Boudawara and Riadh Mhiri
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:75
  36. Appendicitis is one of the most common paediatric surgical emergencies, however complication with acute portomesenteric venous thrombosis is rare. Our aim is to report a case in our locality and review the cli...

    Authors: Tsz Yan Nancy Lai, Judy WS Hung and Michael WY Leung
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:74
  37. Functional disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract are caused by a number of neurodysplastic conditions, including diseases that are rarer than Hirschsprung’s disease (HSCR), such as ganglion cell immaturit...

    Authors: Lobna Abd El Fattah Mohamed, Nedal Ahmed Hegazy, Faten Abd El Aziz Ghazal, Ahmed Mohy El Din Zaki, Ahmed Bassiouny Radwan and Sarah Adel Hakim
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:73
  38. The aim of the study is to evaluate the clinical characteristics and compare the treatment methods for perianal abscesses by assessing our treatment experiences.

    Authors: Elif Emel Erten, Can İhsan Öztorun, Ahmet Ertürk, Doğuş Güney, Süleyman Arif Bostancı, Medine Ezgi Öcal, Sabri Demir, Müjdem Nur Azılı and Emrah Şenel
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:70
  39. During the postoperative course following neonatal surgery, several stimuli like respiratory distress, pain, and stress cause the release of the antidiuretic hormone which can induce hyponatremia. This hyponat...

    Authors: Shivani Dogra, Muneer A. Malik, Nitin J. Peters and Ram Samujh
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:72
  40. The surgical repair of H-type tracheo-oesophageal fistulas situated below the level of the second thoracic vertebra requires an open thoracotomy or a thoracoscopy. We describe a novel technique that allows for...

    Authors: Livia Procopiuc, Shehryer Naqvi, Iain Yardley and Andrew G. Nyman
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:69
  41. Parasitic limb is a rare congenital anomaly. Its incidence is less than 1 in 1 million live births. It refers to the type of conjoined twin in which tissues of an incompletely formed twin (parasite) are attach...

    Authors: Murad Habib and Muhammad Amjad Chaudhary
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:68
  42. Femoral hernia is very rare in children. Surgical intervention is necessary for treatment. There are many different surgical methods explained before. Laparoscopic single port repair technique is not reported ...

    Authors: Ergun Ergun, Yusuf Alper Kara, Beytullah Yagiz, Sila Ispir Karalar, Ozlem Balci and Ismet Faruk Ozguner
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:65
  43. Female epispadias is a rare congenital anomaly, with a quoted incidence of 1 in 480,000.These patients present with urinary incontinence and varying degrees of external genitalia abnormality. This report prese...

    Authors: Adewale Olaotan Oyinloye, Samuel Wabada, Auwal Mohammed Abubakar and Christopher Uruku Rikin
    Citation: Annals of Pediatric Surgery 2022 18:66

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